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Allergy Treatment

A truly new innovative technology introduced to not only assess allergies but to treat and in some cases reverse allergies or sensitivities

At Accurate Assessments and Treatment we use non-evasive methods to both initiallySneeze assess your allergies as well as treat your allergies. No more needles to do prick tests or to give shots to manage your allergies. In fact, we don't generally test for, although we can, particular foods or environmentals. Initially we test for what is called a "phenolic" which is in fact the base item that you are actually sensitive to. In other words, an allergist may state that you are allergic to milk, whereas we will test for the 24 different base substances that milk contains within it to determine the actual causal factor of your sensitivity. So, no more guessing as to what specifically you are sensitive to. But in the end it's not just about diagnosis, it's about treatment. We don't give you shots, and most of the time you don't have to do our treatment for the rest of your life. In addition, with our treatment, you can generally become not only symptom free fairly quickly, but in most cases, you can eventually consume the very food that at one point you were sensitive to. We've even seen individual's with celiac disease (gluten sensitivity) be able to eat things with gluten in it with no reactivity after our treatment.

Treatment-NO MORE SHOTS!No Needles

Our treatment is truly innovative. Although shots can be simple in that you may only have to take them once a month or season, the draw back is that you may have to take them for the rest of your life. And generally with shots you are managing and covering the real issue without getting to the core causal factor which can further complicate the issue. In addition, you may only partially supress the symptoms the offending substance causes by administering shots.

With our treatment you will be taking a liquid 2-3 times per day around meal time. This treatment will actually, over time, "desensitize" your body to the offending substance. In some cases, your body may have chosen to ignore a substance that you need because for a time it was receiving such large amounts of the particular substance that it could not or would not absorb it. In this case our treatment will allow your body to reset itself and therefore allow your body to again absorb the substance, thus gaining the benefit that the substance initially intended for your body.


What is an allergy or sensitivity?Allergy Diagram

An allergy is generally a negative response created by your body as a result of the interaction with a certain substance. This negative response triggers a reaction within your body. These reactions may include sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, headaches and difficulty breathing. Once we have identified an allergy, our system works to retrain your body to turn that negative response into a positive or non-response so that future exposure to that substance no longer triggers any physical irritations. In fact your body will get the benefit from that substance that was initially intended.

While testing for allergies or sensitivities the software utilized by the our firm transmits unique digital signals that have been developed for each allergen/sensitivity. When they are transmitted into your body, your body then reacts to the digital signal as if it were being exposed to the allergen itself and sends a message back to our testing equipment to determine your level of sensitivity. Once these allergens and sensitivities are identified, patients receive a non-invasive treatment to provide effective allergy relief.

Example: Here is one possible scenario in which a sensitivity could develop. A person eats or drinks a particular food that contains a substance on a regular basis that the body sees as extreme in its quanity. That substance then causes a chemical imbalance in the body based upon its normal chemical breakdown or digestion in the body. The body then over time, always attempting to balance and produce homeostasis, "downregulates" that item so that it doesn't throw the body off balance when it is ingested. This is essentially your body's way of protecting you. Some might call this process developing tolerance. And this may be a true assessment. However, what can happen over time is that ingestion of the item can eventually create a dependency for that substance. This is what a psychiatrist named Dr. Philpott has proposed in his book called "Brain Allergies." He states that there is a close, almost familial relationship between allergies, sensitivities, and addictions. So then, the question can then be posed, "What happens to a person, who has downregulated a particular substance or chemical within their body when they stop eating that food?" What can happen, is that they may crave that particular food or a food that has the substance that they are now lacking within it. But even more importantly than the craving, is that the body is now again in disregulation and is generally stuck there. Now, although the body can sometimes re-regulate itself, this re-regulation depends upon the substance, the length of ingestion, genetics, and several other variables. In some cases, and in fact we believe in many cases, this disregulation continues and causes many undesirable symptoms that we may have to endure on a daily basis depending upon the substance that is imbalanced. It is like the body develops a memory as to what a person has had the habit of eating over time and it develops a chemical pattern as to how it deals with that pattern of eating. Then if the pattern is changed it can have a great deal of difficulty readjusting. Our treatments allow the body to reset itself when our changing diets have created physical vulnerabilities that effect our wellbeing.

Expected Results:Smiling Person

Some patients notice significant results after receiving just a couple of days of theirindividualized treatment.Others that have more inset sensitivities may have to take their treatments (generally a liquid) for any where from 2 months to a year. Our testing equipment can test and find out when you are clear of the offending substance. A very small percertange of patients that have inset and genetically permanent sensitivities can receive treatment and relief from our treatments, however they may have to be on managerial treatments for life. Reactions to multiple allergens don't always require separate treatments for each allergen. Thus, treatments can be combined. In addition, our cost per treatment is very affordable when compared to other methods of treatment. Treatments vary in cost depending on the number of sensitivities treated. One to two sensitivities can be treated for less than a dollar a day for example.

Disclaimer: Due to the unpredictable nature of allergies, sensitivities, and the immune system, Accurate Assessments and Treatment cannot guarantee any results, as is the case with all forms of healthcare. Accurate Assessments and Treatment also cannot guarantee that new allergies or sensitivities will not develop in the future. While Accurate Assessments and Treatment can treat most forms of allergies and sensitivities, some case do not respond to the treatment. Accurate Assessments and Treatment does not treat cases of anaphylaxis. Accurate Assessments and Treatment is committed to the advancement of technology and the affordable, effective treatment of allergy symptoms.