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Marriage and Relational Issues

Signs of Problems-Is Counseling the Answer

There tends to be two main types of people who come in with marital orHappy Married Couple relationship issues. Both tend to wait too long before they enter into counseling. The first is the type that tend to be very unhappy and have such resentment that they many times feel as though they don’t have any other choice but to divorce. They tend to not voice their unhappiness, yet all the while the resentment is building and building, yet they continue to go with the flow, hoping that something will change, and the problems will be instantly solved. The second type are those who “try” with everything they have to make the marriage work before they leave. These people are problem solvers who feel they owe it to the marriage to try to find solutions to the problems before they throw in the towel. This type, sometimes actually finds solutions to their problems, yet most of the time they either don’t find all the skills they desperately need, their partner is unwilling to “buy” into their new found solutions, or the emotional connection that is needed to work through the full implementation of the solutions between the couple has taken such a beating that working the lution through may too difficult for them.

The one thing that both of these types generally have in common is that they tend to rarely go to marriage counseling. In my experience, I’ve talked to very few people who went to marriage counseling before they had thought seriously about divorce first. In other words they didn’t really give their marriage a fair chance by working with a professional early on in the game.Married Couple on the Beach

Maintaining a marriage and solving problems within the marriage takes skills.These are generally relationship skills that few of us come naturally equipped with. We may think we are doing all we can to solve the problems in a marriage but, a marriage counselor can be of great benefit in teaching us new ways of solving problems and getting our needs met.



Below is a list how marriage counseling can benefit you:

If you are not sure whether or not your marriage is in trouble, then you might consider the following questions or conditions. If some of these situations exist in your relationship then you may want to seriously consider marital/relational counseling.

If any of these items are happening in your relationship don't professional help and call us today at 913-636-5657!

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