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Our Treatment Philosophy

We treat the whole man...body, mind, and spirit.

Treatment, in our view, involves three major areas of focus. First, there must be theTreatment Philosophy recognition that physiological factors can impact one’s wellness and must be addressed. This may involve medication, dietary intervention, changes to sleep patterns, or attention to some sort of a physical exercise regimen.

Secondly, a cognitive, or thought- based treatment may be usedto address a patient's thoughts and behaviors that have initiated life-controlling issues in an individual’s life or family environment. This treatment area works to provide strong alternatives to past patterns of behavior and many times will as well increase emotional stability. It also can assist the client in producing positive outcomes from their life choices.

Third, support issues are addressed from various vantage points and are individualized to the client’s needs and comfort level. Quite often, an individual has support systems that range from family and friends to civic groups and avenues of spiritual support. The purpose of our interventions in this area is to maximize an individual’s therapeutic support while helping them to gain new and more positive sources of life-perspectives, relational richness, life meaning and hope, and finally, a greater sense of purpose in life. In whole, our treatment model’s goal is to maximize an individual’s life potential and at the same time train the patient in good self-care and stress management that ultimately allows them to live at their highest level of life quality.