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Standard Process

Our Whole Food Nutriceuticals Supplier

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For over 75 years, Standard Process has supplied health care practitioners with high-quality health supplements. Standard Process grows crops on organically certified cultivated land, employs state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, and applies the highest quality control measures. Standard Process rigorously adheres to the FDA's good manufacturing practice requirements.

It is the policy of Standard Process to only sell their product through licensed healthcare practitioners who actually meet face to face with their patients. Companies who market Standard Process items otherwise are not authorized resellers of Standard Process supplements and may not always be available to order from or advise you properly with respect to these supplements. Accept no subtitutes. Only order your products through authorized Standard Process healthcare providers.

In order to start using this very highly regarded supplement, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Morris today at (913) 636-5657 or (913) 764-3533. We have a computerized FDA approved Type II Medical device on site that can test you and assist us in finding an optimal treatment plan for you. Its analysis takes a great deal of the guesswork out of making your decisions for supplementation and treatment (See Biomeridian). Dr. Morris will then consult with you personally while you make final decisions about your individualized dietary supplementation plan.

If you would like to order other products that our firm represents online you can click on the hyperlink below to visit our store. Currently our store is still being built so although it is fully functional many items have not been input as of yet or pictures may be absent. At present because of agreements with Standard Process we are only able to take orders via phone after a brief assessment with our doctor. If there are items that you are needing that we are not showing please call us at 913-636-5657. An order form and toll free fax number will be also be available in the future.