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Technology for Your Body and Mind:

Introducing The Biomeridian Computer

As a doctor of the psyche, I many times get several questions when people first enterBiomeridan Vantage my office. People are initially surprised to see all the homeopathics, nutriceuticals, and whole food supplements on display in the back of my office and then they usually ask about the strange computer system that has what appear to be several probes connected to it. I usually take that opportunity to then introduce them to the Biomeridian Computer, a machine that determines if your body and its various systems are functioning properly based upon their electrical impedance output. The machine will then, after probing 58 meridian points on an individual’s hands and feet, output a graph of fourteen of the major systems of your body and give an indication as to how well, or, not so well, that an individual is fairing in a particular area of function. If that wasn’t enough, the machine will then give suggestions for, based upon literally millions of mathematical calculations and comparisons of preprogrammed norms, supplements that will remediate any abnormalities or areas of deficit in the particular individual being tested. In addition, the machine can even determine if a particular supplement will likely be beneficial for that particular individual as opposed to others along with determining the proper dosage. And again, if that wasn’t enough, the machine can even test you to see if you are sensitive to particular foods or environmental toxins, give you an indication if a particular disease is present in your body, indentify the presence of particular parasites, and on and on, the list is almost endless. You can, in some cases, even bring in your pharmaceutical and we can tell you if it is likely to remediate a particular disorder or if your body is at least compatible with its chemical makeup. It is literally one of the best ways to scientifically monitor your body’s health and its progress toward increased wellness. In fact, when I first heard about the machine, I just wanted the machine for myself, even if I never used it on any of my patients.

So then what is the “real” science behind this machine? Well, first of all, it is an approved, FDA Type II medical device, just like an EKG unit or an X-Ray machine. Beyond that, the machine uses the body’s meridian points to identify wellness. These are particular points on the body which were identified by the Chinese literally thousands of years ago and that have also been identified and verified by modern day scientific testing. These various points and their cumulative results can then be used to determine how well a particular system of the body is fairing. The Biomeridian Computer is kind of an “Eastern Medicine” meets “Western Technology” if you will.

So then why is a “psych” doctor using a machine like the Biomeridian? Well, simply put, it is a well known and accepted fact that the mind and the body share influences upon one another. In other words, the mind can make the body sick, and the body can make the mind sick. So, in practice, when I’m determining what the source of an individual’s depression or anxiety is, I will want to know if it is just because that person has undergone some sort of loss in their life, they are facing some kind of overwhelming stressors, or if that person’s thyroid or adrenals are functioning properly, among other things, or any combination thereof. Otherwise, if I don’t have all of the sources identified, or at least the main ones, my therapies may only mask or manage the problem, rather than get to the root of the real issue. At that point, we are at least closer to a cure rather than simply managing the problem.

So why don’t medical doctors use Biomeridian Technology? Well, actually, some do. Others, because the machine uses recommendations that are only homeopathic, nutriceutical, and whole food supplements, and not pharmaceuticals, the machine’s utility for the most part falls outside of the knowledge base and comfort zone of the normal medical physician. Primarily healthcare providers that have found that normal allopathic medicine does not provide all the answers they need and for those that want to treat themselves holistically rather than pharmaceutically, the Biomeridian is then the perfect answer. So many naturopaths, herbalists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, as well as other professional healthcare providers are now beginning to turn to this technology to provide more scientifically based treatment along with a more accurate way of following up and monitoring a patient’s progress.

Below is a short clip about the Biomeridian. This particular clip is more oriented toward the practictioner than the patient, however it will give you some idea of the technology as well as the high degree of confidence that one can have in the findings of the Biomeridian. If you have any questions about the Biomeridian or would like to schedule your personal health scan don't hesitate to give us a call at 913-636-5657. Also please come back in the coming days and we will have more information about the Biomeridian.



Below is an article I wrote about Frequency Medicine for a local health newspaper. This article may give you a little more insight into the nature of the Biomeridian Machine and the technology and science that supports it. We will be putting more information up about the Biomeridian in the next month or so. So if you have interest in this subject please come back and check us out.

Star Trek Medicine is Here: Frequency Medicine by Dr. Ken MorrisBiomeridian Pro

When you were ushered into sick bay on the Starship Enterprise and you were greeted by Dr. McCoy or “Bones,” you were then first scanned by his tricorder, and somehow, it magically told him everything he needed to know about how to make you well. So, you may ask, “Is Star Trek medicine really here? Or, is it simply relegated to the imagination of Gene Roddenberry.” Today, we see a host of both diagnostic and treatment options that didn’t exist just a few decades ago. We’re also seeing a revival in the West of old treatments; some of them are centuries old. Yet, when we examine them, they all have one common thread...frequency, or vibration. From things like X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Lasers, CAT scans, MRI’s, CT’s, and PET’s to the BioMeridian Electrodermal Computerized Screening System, the RIFE machine, Biophoton Analyzers, and Zappers, the list goes on and on; it’s their frequency, or vibrations that we’re now finding is giving us health answers. Even those of us that consider ourselves to be from the “more objective, empirical, and scientific” Western Healing World View, are even finding that the more esoteric healing modalities have measureable vibrational or frequency elements within their use. So, those of us who may have only worn a quartz watch in the past to tell us the time, may today consider using crystals or gemstones to protect ourselves from harmful Electro Magnetic Frequency or geopathic stress.

It has been said that everything, or at least all matter, vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, the balance or homeostasis of that matter can be restored. Don’t we cringe or come to an anxious attention when we hear a loud, distressed, or a judgmental voice from an enemy, and we relax and smile when we hear a calm, encouraging word from a friend? Although we heard the saying when we were kids, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” aren’t we learning that that really isn’t at all the truth? Likewise, don’t most of us seem to recognize that some music is soothing, uplifting, or inspirational, while other music may cause us angst, depression, or agitation? Then couldn’t it also be true that medicines, whether they are allopathic or alternative, send vibrational messages that interrupt and aggravate disease or encourage and stimulate our life-force? I certainly believe it to be true.

We’re also seeing other changes beginning to happen to us as we move toward this “Treky” medicine. And these changes I believe are also having an effect upon our vibrations of healing, or, of dis-ease, at least those of us that are more alternative in our modes of healing thinking and practices. First of all, we’re now not so much concerned about what disorder, disease, or syndrome that we’ve got, as much as how we can successfully treat it. Aren’t there some people that you’ve met that seem to be happy to “possess” their disease, almost as a badge of honor, while others, who may acknowledge their disease are working feverishly to expel the thing that ravages them? Is it possible that acceptance of our diseases may create a friendly vibrational environment that allows that disease to continue to flourish, whereas our desire to expel that disease creates an antithetical atmosphere pressing the invader towards expulsion from our bodies. As well, as Western thinkers, I believe that we are beginning to open up to treatments and modes of health discovery that in the past we were only comfortable with treating in one way. And we’re again finding that our beliefs or our faith has a lot to do with what works for us. Could it be that our beliefs have vibrations or frequency that emanate throughout our being and can have a positive or negative effect upon our health? Maybe, just maybe, our faith does have an unseen power that can affect us either positively or negatively.

As a health practitioner although I believe my feelings, hopes, desires, hunches, and intuition may have import on a patient’s health, I do want to get as much objective information about the “frequencies” involved in their health issues as possible. My preference for diagnostic impressions, is the BioMeridian Computer. This machine not only gives me information about what areas of a person’s body is not in balance by giving me frequency readings that are outside of the norm, it also gives me treatment options for remedies that will bring them back into balance. The machine will also test those remedial options to see which options will in fact bring that particular person back into balance. It is truly an amazing instrument with which to incorporate vibrational medicine into a practice. So whatever vibrational therapies you choose, make sure that they chase your “blues away,” and they leave you with “good vibrations” so life gives you good “excitations” and then maybe you can as well “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.”