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Substance Abuse Treatment

We Provide Outpatient Treatment for Various Types of Substance Abuse

Our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs are often beneficial to people who are normally unable to fully take time out of their lives for residential care and yet have some ability to remain clean and sober while living at home. People who are employed and cannot leave their jobs, as well as people with children, often opt for this type of treatment. In some cases, these individuals have gone through other residential or in-patient treatment programs and now need continued weekly support from a caring therapist and other individuals that have joined the group that may have come from like circumstances.

Our Aim

Our aim throughout the drug and alcohol treatment process is simply to break the cycle of addiction and give individuals the tools they need to remain sober for the rest of their lives. It is important to understand that some cases cannot be handled on an outpatient basis, thus our treatment staff evaluates each incoming patient on an individual basis, and the course of treatment recommended will depend fully on his or her physical condition, prior substance use, and other factors.

Therapy Sessions and Meetings

Accurate Assessments and Treatment outpatient program is cost-effective and may include daily or weekly individual and group therapy sessions, as is determined by the individual's treatment needs. Outpatient care allows for more freedom, but at the same time requires that the person be accountable to the program. Outpatient care teaches relapse prevention and can be a continuation of more rigorous treatment programs. Our drug and alcohol treatment program seeks to equip patients to handle the daily challenges life presents with new perspective, awareness of inner strength, effective communication tools, and problem-solving skills. Patients learn to rely on and trust themselves, as well as tap valuable support systems around them when they need help.

Candidates for Outpatient Care

We recommend outpatient care for individuals who are lower-risk cases and do not have a limited tendency toward relapse. Accurate Assessments and Treatment offers lower-cost intensive treatment as well as more relaxed outpatient options. We customize our drug and alcohol treatment plans in order to serve the needs of each of our clients. Some candidates need both alcohol treatment and some type of physiological intervention to assist with other health issues—our staff can provide a thorough course of treatment that takes each condition into account.

Mode of Treatment

Although Accurate Assessments and Treatment is not tied to one particular treatment modality and we generally use a treatment that we feel best fits our client and their particular needs, we for the most part use a cognitive-behavioral model along with some strengths based training. We also combine some components of 12-step group training therapy into our sessions, although we are not a substitute for support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Because alcohol and drug addiction also have a strong physiological component by nature, in addition to psychological interventions we use other supplemental methods that interrupt the cycle of cravings and reduce significantly, if not entirely, the individual's physiological cravings. This combination of treatment is generally seen as the most effective treatment combination to date.